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analog delay pedal

A delay pedal produces a fine warmth effect from the guitar. This tool considered as the best partner and must have item for every guitarist. To put it simply, it delay the sound and deliver a new astonishing tones. You can find tons of best delay pedals in the market. Delay pedal consist of two types which are analog and digital delay pedal. Each of them has their own characteristics.

The analog type delays the sound and produces elegant and real time effects without changing the signal from the guitar. On the contrary, the digital type convert the analog signal into the digital signal then process the sound and turn it back to the analog signal as the final output. However, digital delay pedal provides various effects than the analog signal.

When talking about the price, analog delay pedal is more expensive than the digital. So why bother choosing the pricey one with limited variation in effect? Well, the answer is always the warmth sound. Analog sounds warmer than digital. Moreover, true guitarist never wants to change the original sound they produced. So, most of the people tend to choose analog delay pedal.

Consider these things

The electric guitars use analog delay pedal to turn the signal into warm and awesome beats. The delay pedal produces looping, echoing, doubling, modulation effect, etc. Like stated before, analog pedal produces warm and good sound far way better than digital delays. But choosing the best analog delay pedal can be tricky and consume a lot of time especially if you are a beginner.

The knobs

The knobs are where the magic happens. A fine sound produced by the perfect combination of these knobs. Each knob has different functions. In general, there are mostly three knobs in analog delay pedal with delay, repeat, and a blending function on each of them. Moreover, some product have additional knobs such as oscillation and modulation function.

The price

Yep, this one is important aspect. Indeed you can find expensive analog pedal in the market. But, actually, you can experience the same benefits and sounds with cheaper price. All you need to do is a little research by reading experts’ reviews in the net. An expensive product doesn’t always mean a better performance.

Unique features

Each product has their unique characteristics. In some cases, you can find a beautiful effect in particular pedal which does not exist in the other pedals. For example, the reverse mode or the ping pong effect that can’t be found in common analog pedal.

Delay time

This one is important where you can decide how long the delay length. You can shift the delay start from 20 milliseconds up to 3200 milliseconds. But in general, most of the pedals have 600 milliseconds time at most.

The big three in analog delay pedals market

The following are some of the best analog delay pedals in the market nowadays. Hope it can help you to find the right analog delay pedals that suit your needs.

MXR Carbon Copy

Warm, fluid, and astonishing sound produced by MXR Carbon Copy will sooth your ears. Most of the analog delay diehard fans recommended this product. Well, it provides all things you need from an analog delay pedal for such a low price. In other words, MXR Carbon Copy is one of the best analog delay pedals in the market. It produces incredible sound and capable of performing 600 milliseconds delay. Watch more sound and performance MXR Carbon Copy Review below.

Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall

This is another popular product in analog delay pedal where Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall combines the old school analog pedal style with the newest state of the art digital technology. One unique thing about this product is it produces darker and stronger repeats tone than the others. Whether it’s short or long delays are done nicely. For further information regarding this product, click here.

Walrus Audio Bellwether

Another bombshell in analog pedal and considered as one of the best in the market nowadays is Walrus Audio Bellwether. This product delivers all you need from an analog delay. It sounds warm and immersive in the good way where the analog pedal signature which is darkness and distortion create awesome combination. Furthermore, it has powerful features including tap tempo, real-time modulation, and an effect loop. Click here for more information.

It’s time to rock

An analog delay pedal considered as the best tool for every guitarist. It’s the most essential and powerful effects where the guitarist can produce a very fine sound with it. The three dimensional real time sounds were provided by the best analog delay pedal and you can listen to a very warmth tunes as a result.


Time is the key when producing a warm and powerful sound using analog delay pedals. It determines how long the repetition signal will be produced. You can easily adjust the time using delay time knob in the pedal. Indeed it’s easy to adjust the time but finding the right time length is quite difficult. But with a little practice, you can master it and produce a good sound. Notice that the time unit is on milliseconds. It does not display the exact time you are on instead you can adjusted it with approximate value that offer a lot in return.


The repeat knob handles how many repetitions you need in each sound. The repeat plays a conductor role in this case. It used to give the warm effect to the sound. You can set how many repetitions with the repeat knob on the pedal.


Last but not least is the level. It’s the place where the volume of the repeats is generated. At the lowest level, you can barely listen to the effect in the sound output. But you can increase the level and start feeling the repeats in any sound you have produced.

Bottom line

As a bottom line, digital analog is not easy to deal with. However, it produces extremely good and warm tunes that most of the musicians prefer.

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