Top 10 Tuners for Your Guitars

top 10 tuners

Whether you are preparing for a concert or playing for practice, you need a reliable tuner that can work in various environments to tune your guitar. These tuners make use of vibrations to measure the strings’ pitches; this means you can tune to the perfect pitch even in a noisy environment. There are many different styles and designs of guitar tuners, which makes it quite challenging to pick up a reliable one. Keeping in mind the features, accuracy, and ease of use, you can compare a few tuners and decide what to buy. Here are brief reviews of the ten best tuners for your style.

1. Peterson StroboClip

This tuner is highly accurate and has an excellent build quality. It features a stainless steel chassis, which enables it to resist the rigors of the road. The carbon-fiber construction of the clip, hinge and stem makes sure that the tuner lasts long. It has soft rubber-lined jaws that protect your guitar’s finish while offering maximum signal tracking.

2. Korg GA-40

It is a compact tuner that is mainly designed for bass and guitar and features convenient functionality and excellent performance. With a long battery life, it can be used continuously for approximately eighty-five hours. It has both an input jack and a microphone so that you can tune the guitar in whatever way you want.

3. Korg TM-50

It is a decent pocket tuner with several additional features that other tuners do not offer. With a backlit LCD and built-in metronome, it allows you to tune the guitar to different pitch standards from 410 Hz to 480 Hz. It is powered by two triple A batteries. You can either plug the cable directly into the tuner or use a microphone.

4. Boss TU-12EX

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It is an industry standard tuner that makes use of well-known design language. With a sturdy design, the tuner is made to last long. It features a buffer that prevents the tone being sucked by long cables. It has needle-accurate metering, a flat mode for drop-tunings, Accu-Pitch that offers audible verification of tuning, and auto-off to prolong battery life.

5. Korg Pitchblack

This tuner features advanced functionality, sleek style, and high precision that make it the best guitar tuner from Korg yet. It has a strong aluminum die cast body that makes it suitable for the studio as well as the road. Although it is comparatively small in size, it has an easy-to-read LED meter with excellent visibility.

6. TC Electronic Polytune 2

The tuner allows you to tune all strings simultaneously and has a tuning accuracy of 0.1 cent. It has a bright and big LED screen with ambient light sensor. It features true bypass with silent tuning, Drop-D and capo tuning modes, and 3M Velcro for pedal board attachment.

7. Boss TU-3

It is the world’s best-selling stage tuner that features chromatic and guitar mode and a twenty-one segment LED meter with brightness control. The Accu-Pitch Sign function offers visual verification when the tuning is complete, and the high brightness mode improves meter visibility when performing outdoors.

8. Peterson StroboStomp

The tuner is designed for a pedal board or floor use and has several stage-friendly features such as a clutter-free face, two visible buttons, a 9V DC output to power pedals and the option for mains power or battery power. It has a virtual strobe display that is easy to use, accurate and clear.

9. Snark SN Tuner

It is one of the most preferred acoustic guitar tuners that features a reliable vibration sensor and the option to either transpose or flat tune. Due to its power-saving option, its battery lasts very long.

10. Korg Pitchhawk 2

It is a clip-style tuner that can be directly attached to the headstock of your instrument. The clip mechanism provides flexibility and strong holding power. It features high precision and sensitivity, an easy-to-use design and an advanced color LCD screen that has excellent visibility.

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