What is mixing in Music?

In music, mixing is the process by which you can blend or combine multiple music, songs or sound effects to produce one single track. You can take beats from different songs or music as per your liking and put it together to produce a better track to appeal the audience.

The process you need to follow for mixing

a) Balance the volume and pitch levels of the sound so that one doesn’t become more significant in audibility than the other.

b) Using an equalizer, you can tune the sound significance of each instrument being played in the track.

c) Adding sound effects such as sirens and beats, compressions to enhance its quality.

To mix music, you have options

A mixer or mixing console

You can use these consoles if you are a DJ or mixer. It gives you the option to add sounds, trim, compress and combine different types of music to entertain your audience. If you opt to buy this, do keep the budget in mind as they don’t come cheap. Using these devices will require you to learn the techniques and the processes carried out by the different parts of the machine through training.

Mixing by software for Smartphone and PC


These are softwares which are available for free or very low price, unlike mixing consoles. You can use them to mix, trim and add sound effects but these are not as efficient as mixing consoles (that’s why DJs use them). It can be used by anyone and can also be learned by experimental attempts.

While mixing you’ll need to need to take a few precautions which will ensure that you create proper track as per the situation:

For audience: When you are in a live show, be aware of what the audience wants from you. There can be parties, corporate meet-ups, home, etc. A party would require you to mix and create tunes which will have a sensation to dance and enjoy. A corporate meet-up likes mixing of tracks to produce calm and pleasant music at low volumes so that they don’t get disturbed and enjoy their meet-ups. So you will have to choose the right songs for your track when mixing.

Being in a proper state of mind: Having a fresh mind will help you to take better decisions in choosing options in mixing the different tracks. It will take away all your misconceptions, nervousness and boost your confidence.

Choosing the right music: Make sure you choose music as per the audience’s liking. It shouldn’t be too loud or too soft. You should also make out the language of the song the audience can understand. Latest pop songs are a perfect option for you in this case.

Shouldn’t play a similar genre continuously: If you keep on playing the same music or music of the same genre the audience might get bored, and you will be the center of criticism. Try songs of different genres such as classics, romantic, rock, pop, etc.

Breaks: During a live show make sure you take breaks for your rest and on the audience’s part as well. This will refresh your and your audience’s mind and energy for the next round.

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